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Check before buying Hosting Apache or LiteSpeed ​​be better

Check before buying Hosting Apache or LiteSpeed ​​be better

Buying a Hosting all of ask a question that how much space does it work? But keep it mind that how much  space is given and estimates that chance to eat more.Because most of the cms like joomla, wordpress, drupal, ghost, presta, magento its takes very little space but if the server resource is being shared your site loads a little over 5% resource as the user can be suspend it.

The server resource capacity is depends on what type of serve being use. Common servers are Nginx, Apache and Litespeed. Today we will discuss their comparison.

Cpanel based Hosting groups usually use Apache's E major. We are discuss comparison of LiteSpeed ​​Server with Apache and Nginx  on down.

LiteSpeed ​​Security

  • External application firewall
  • LiteSpeed ​​restricts resources that can be consumed by CGI applications.
  • Reduces security risk by restricting the system resources that the CGI script can access.
  • Request checking
  • Request filtering
  • Access Control
  • File system protection: Static file checking
So totally can tell the server runs on the Apache, but less performance comes largely from litespeed the Apache free Litespeed buy with the money so many people do not use it I just want to write a lot more about hosting tomorrow why the SSD hard disk use at the site 300% of the load of the write more soon.

Windows 8 Family Safety, whether use your pc full control of yours

Windows 8 Family Safety Feather's

Windows 8 have a nice Feather's that Family Safety. You Can fully Control your PC by this feather.Now i tell details about this.
Who use windows 7 parental controls they can easily understand. This feature made by update and modify of windows 7 parental controls. It has add new extent and new options and named that Family Safty.
Basically someone else's computer to access and control the direction of ineligible children implement (eg Adult sites, Adult gamecs, etc.) to keep out of the reach of children and children left their computers free from addiction for maintaining the Family Safety.
On administrative mode user can not use this Family safety feature.
Now you can see at what topic and keep control over user's actions.

1. Time Limits: You Can control your pc of users any time of day or any time of week and how long user use this you can allow it specificly. Week End Week day and can be defined in a different way this time.

2.Web filtering: Use this option you can customize that what kind of websites user will be abble to  visite. If you want a certain website can be left off you can do it by this option. The file can be able to download you can fixed it.

3.Game and Windows Store Restrictions: Use this option you can keep control on your apps and games of your computer.

4.App restrictions: This feature is one of the most famous feature. This feature of the operating system program and some of the software and the program has been set and no software and programs can not be setup. This Help you protect from virus infections and safety as well as program.

5.Activity reports: It will give you detailed report of the past week. this report has which remain are :

  • when and how long the user works.
  • What are and how long the website visit.
  • What you wanted to block family safety websites.
  • What software is used and the Game is played and how long.

After all and if you think it is ever to use this user to your administrator password  but some of the blocks that are able to work to unblock this setting. However at the end of the work to unblock the block thing do not forget to stop by the administrator user.

How To Shut Down Your Computer By Itself Without Any Software

How To Shut Down Your Computer By Itself Without Any Software

Today We introduce a system that how to close your pc at any time you need without any software.Most of internet user download a big file or movie that takes  a lot of time.So that pc still turned on about 2,3 hours. Download speed get  best on night time.For this reason pc don't damaze but it loose its Bus speed. makes little sense and you can reduce this. Your pc will still shut itself down.So let's begain suppose you download something on your pc it need to be complete on 50 minutes. At this time you don't stay with your pc or you get sleep.You need to do this trick on this moment:

1. One hour means 3600 seconds. First on your PC right-click an empty area For create a shortcut  desktop> right click> shortcut

2.In the new window write SHUTDOWN -s -t 3600

3.numbers in the second calculation Put your desired time.

4.Enter Next>And Finish get out.

5.The shutdown at the desktop as a shortcut is created.

6.By clicking it at once the pc will shut down after 3600 seconds.

7.It workes on windows xp, windows vista, windows 7, windows 8, and other windows operating system.

If you want to reboot the PC to enter the SHUTDOWN -r -t 3600. You don;t worry about your pc.

Thank you for read this tricks hope its help you.

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Android Phone's Extreme hidden features

Android Phone's Extreme hidden features

You use the android but you  do not know about some of the features confidential. Today it is necessary to be in the over 10 features will discuss with you. Let's start, then,
First you have to do is that turn on your phone developer options. Some of phone turn it on normal way but not many phone.

First go to settings> go to About> click on the Build Number 3 or 4 taps. Then you found that your developer options get started.

1.Create Desktop Backup Password

When you turn on your USB Debugging mode on your phone the PC can connect with anyone it would be a waste of your privacy and your document may caleyete other hand. So you survived the Desktop backup password will be launched. Without the password one will not be able to steal documents from your phone. Please follow the steps below to start.

  1. Go to Settings> Developer Options.
  2. Tap on Desktop backup password.
  3. Fill in the current password, then type and retype the new password for full backup.

2. Enable And Disabling USB Debugging

It is a method through which you can connect your phone to your computer completely. Get all of your phone to computer backup. PC to your phone and easy way to root without losing the warranty. Will install and uninstall, install from PC to format.

Firstly  Go to Settings> Developer Options >> Tick on the USB Debugging checkbox.
Then your USB Debugging Mode is activeted.

3.Tweak Animation Settings

When you jump from one side of your phone's screen drag the ordinary way by the speed of the animation is set you can change it on your own. Please follow the steps below to start
  1. Go to Settings> Developer Options.
  2. Scroll down and look for Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale.
  3. Select the desired animation

4.Enable MSAA For OpenGL Games

It is my preference to a feature on this feature you can run HD games are generally true HD mode all phones are closed at this option for the calakarina sasrayera charge. However those who love to play games on it I think they should be. To the following rules to follow.
  1. Go to Settings> Developer Options.
  2. Tap on Force 4x MSAA to enable it.

5.Stay Awake While Charging

Normal capacity of the screen of the phone is charged grids. On the screen at the beginning of the work is not exactly the way to skip the sbrina. If you want to work in any capacity fitted with mobile charges before beginning the steps below to charge the phone
  1. Go to Settings> Developer Options.
  2. Tap on Stay Awake to tick it, thus enabling the feature.
(Thank you for stay with us)

Make your Android smartphone into a scanner

Make your Android smart phone into a scanner

Today i give you a tips of android smart phone.You Can make your smartphone into a scanner.
A scanner is in general much larger.
It is not possible to walk on.
But your Android phone into a scanner. For this you need a master of apps namaskyana.
You found this app on Google Play store.Immediate documents stored on the computer and the most effective way to e-mail the document to be scanned. This method can be used to save the file as quickly as it is safe.But many of our daily necessities are the scanner, which may not have your hand in time of need. Funny thing is that you can solve this problem by scan master your Android smartphone.You can use the scanner as a smartphone camera. Then Android phone camera to scan a document when the document image will be generated. Your smart phone camera do this work as a scanner.The most impressive thing is the master of these scans you can create your document in PDF format. 

How to use it:
1. Smartphone apps to turn the camera on top of the document scan.
Shortly after the scan will show a notification will be asked where you want to save the file.
If you click on the PDF to PDF.
II. If you want to save the document with the selected portion of the selected section, select the crop Sort modiphikesana.
Apps will automatically adjust the brightness of the image size than itself.
Login to download apps here

Thank you for read this tutorial.For more update tips please stay with us and like our facebook page for update post.

How To maintenance Blog

How To maintenance Blog

Two years back, I depended on this service. I used to manage others blogs from content creation to monetizing.
This is an effective way of making money blogging even if you’re not an expert in your niche.
You need to show your clients some social proof that you can bring results to their blogs.
How can you do that?
Use your content. If your content is attractive, no doubt, many people leave comments, shares and links to your posts.
What else could be the BEST social proof than your content?
But what exactly is blog maintenance?
It typically contains;
 Content creation
 Idea generation for blog posts
 Traffic generation
 Bringing more leads
 Monetizing the blogs
All you’ve to do is to find few clients’ sites and keep posting on their blogs for certain period of time.
How much money can you make?
It depends on your offer. If you “sell the results” you can demand more money (say $3000 for 3 months). But again, you’ve to bring the results. After all, blogging is a business, not a charity.

Seo Help How to sell eBooks successfully

Seo Help How to sell eBooks successfully

Here are few ways to increase your eBook sales.

1.Offer few copies for free for a limited time
And ask for a testimonial in return.
Why giveaway first few copies for free?
If you’re just starting out, no one knows about your expertise. No one believes in your products, so no sales.
By using this sneaky tip (giving away first copies, let’s say 100 for free), you can boost your sales and testimonials from real people.
When you get testimonials, you can showcase them as a “social proof” which again increases your eBook downloads. A win/win approach.
2. Start with a small price
This is another tactic to make more sales in the beginning.
Don’t overprice your eBooks if you’re just starting out. No one buys an eBook for $47 if you’re niche is limited and no one knows your name online.
Let’s say if your product is of $97, charge just $27. If the people see the value in your eBooks, they will definitely make a sale.
3. Create a dedicated page
Most eBooks sellers suck at this. They either create poor landing pages or don’t create at all.
Landing pages are golden.
They have specific goals i.e. to increase your sales by giving less distraction to the user.
So consider using a landing page. But how can you create one?
You can either hire a designer or use premium tools like Premise, OptimizePress etc.
Note: Glenn Allsoop from ViperChill is providing free landing page templates on his blog. Go and grab it now!
And remember…
Appealing design and format is essential.
Without proper design, you might not see any growth on your sales. If you’re in confusion, give your readers less options.
4. Attract affiliates
The ultimate way to increase your eBook sales is to attract affiliates.
You need more online visibility to get boost your eBooks sales.
And the BIGGEST reason to attract affiliates is because it’s an extremely effective channel you can use to increase your product’s visibility and add to your revenue.
Although most affiliates won't bother giving 50% commission, and 60% is standard and it’s becoming necessary to offer as much as 85% to get attention from the affiliates.

How to enable Windows 8 picture password

How to enable Windows 8 picture password

Picture password is a feature introduced with Windows 8 that allows you to create three different gestures on any image of your choice and use those gestures as your password. The gesture can be any combination of circles, straight lines, and taps. For example if the picture you chose was of a face your picture password could be a tap on each eye and then a circle around the mouth.

1. Open the Windows Charms. 
2. Click Settings and then More PC settings 
3. In the PC settings window click Users and then select Create a picture password
4. From the left pane, click on the Choose picture button. Windows displays your Pictures folder with any images. Click on the image you wish to use as your password and then click on the Open button in the lower left corner.
5. Depending on the size of the image, you may be able to drag it horizontally or vertically to position it. If you're happy with the image, click on the Use this picture button.
6. In the "Set up your gestures" screen, create your first gesture, then your second, and then your third. In the "Confirm your gestures" screen, recreate the three gestures in the same order. If you're successful, Windows congratulates you. If not, you'll have to try again. When done, click on the Finish button.

Computer Errors & Solution

Computer Errors & Solution 

Key Board Problem (I.e.; Some Key is pressed for Longer time)

Data cable to be connected properly (twisted cable).

Hard Disk cable connected wrongly. Connect rightly seeing the Red mark (Faces power supply) and then Restart.

a. Check main power cord
b. Check S.M.P.S.
c. Check Mother Board connection

Replace 3 Volt battery of Mother Board . Set Original Settings Manually.(Refer CMOS Setup chart)
Enter your search termsSubmit search form

Check Power cord of FDD , Data Cables , set CMOS & Finally the Check drive.

a. Check Power Cord
b. Check connection of HDD
c. Check Data cable
d. Check Hard Disk parameters in CMOS or Auto detecting Setting Partitions by Fdisk Command, then format it to set track 0.

a. Check S.M.P.S
b. RAM not functioning properly.
c. Software problem (due to using pirated software)
d. CPU fan not functioning properly.

a. Check Display card connection
b. Virus Problem
c. Video Memory Problem

a. Earthing problem
b. Magnetic waves comes around.

a. Check Earthing
b. Check main power cord.

a. Floppy Drive having different disk (Non-Bootable Disk) OR CMOS Parameters for Hard Disk may not be set properly.
b. Hard Disk Partitions may not be created.
c. Hard Disk may not be formatted.

The System files missing namely Ie; command.com} - User File IO.SYS & MS_DOS.SYS } - Hidden Files. These above three files required for Start up of the system that can be transferred by using SYS C: Command OR While the time of formatting by using Format c:/u/s

May the file Command.com is corrupted OR Infected by Virus OR Some one has Erased it.

a. The type of Hard Disk in CMOS may not be set properly.
b. Operating system used for formatting is not valid

a. May some Directories or Files crash with other files.
b. Use CHKDSK/F or SCANDISK Command to correct it.

a. Unstabilized power supply.
b. Check for Loose Contact.
c. Do not use Y Connectors for Hard Disk.
d. It may create Bad Sector OR Weak Hard Disk.

Check for Bad Sector by using CHKDSK or SCANDISK Command. If found format the Hard Disk and set Partition before that area.(This is the only procedure to use Hard Disk with Bad Sector) OR (To avoid Bad Sectors use Standard Power Supply)

a. Check Power Connector
b. Check Data Cables
c. Check Jumpers

Operating System where the Hard Disk formatted is not supported with present Mother Board. For Eg: Hard Disk formatted with Pentium System will hide their partitions for 486 System.

May the above files may be corrupted due to power failure or Virus. Make available above files from other Computer. OR Reinstall Windows 98 Operating System. (This procedure will not make any effect on existing Data).

This will happen due to sudden ON/OFF of the system. Final solution is to Reinstall Operating System.

a. Configure Display Card properly with their CD.
b. The Standard setting for Windows is set it to 800x600 for better performance.

May the Driver utility is not provided with operating system . Insert Driver CD and install software for the above Device. (Every Device requires driver utility to set active

How To Create A Blog

How To Create A Blog

Step 1: 

Go to http://www.blogger.com

Step 2: Click on “Create Your Blog Now” 

Step 3: Choose your Username. You will need to write this username down, as this will be used to log back into your blogger account.  Note: When choosing your username you will need to come up with something creative as a lot of username’s are taken, using something like “emon” or even “emon1”, “emon2” etc. will likely be taken. Enter your Password : Make sure you write this down too, so you can easily log back into your blogger account (it needs to be at least 6 charactersin length) and then re-affirm your password. 

Display Name:
This name will come up on your blog so make it relevant to
the topic of your blog.
For Example
: Here I am creating a blog for the
website “MSN SEO Secrets” so I am
using the Display Name: MSN Guru
Enter your Email Address
: Make sure this is your email address. The
reason for this is: Blogger.com has a tende
ncy to delete blogs quickly if they
suspect it is a “spam” blog. Often they will send you a notification first and
request that you log in from the email request that they send you in order to
“prove” your blog was manually created.
Accept Terms
: Click the “I accept the Terms of Service” box available.
Then click “Continue”
Step 4:
Blog Title
: This will be seen at the top of your blog and should be relevant
to the content you plan to place into your blog.
Blog Address
: Keep your address similar to your title (as above), if your
address is taken you can also try entering more dashes. For example: msn—
seo—secrets.blogspot.com. Click the “C
heck availability to see if your
address is available for use.
Word Verification:
This is something blogger uses to help prevent any
automation of creating blogs (in other words, spam blogs)
Then click on “Continue”
Step 5
Choose a template:
It doesn’t really matter which template you choose, you
can always change it at a later date anyways but for this example I will
choose “Minima”
Once you have chosen your templa
te then click on “Continue”
Step 6:
Your blog is now created! Click on “Start Posting”

Seo Help Promote your website right ways

Seo Help Promote your website right ways

While most of the links to your site will be gained gradually, as people discover your content through
search or other ways and link to it, Google understands that you'd like to let others know about the
hard work you've put into your content. Effectively promoting your new content will lead to faster
discovery by those who are interested in the same subject. As with most points covered in this
document, taking these recommendations to an extreme could actually harm the reputation of your

• Blog about new content or services - A blog post on your own site letting your visitor base
know that you added something new is a great way to get the word out about new content or
services. Other webmasters who follow your site or RSS feed could pick the story up as well.
• Don't forget about offline promotion - Putting effort into the offline promotion of your
company or site can also be rewarding. For example, if you have a business site, make sure
its URL is listed on your business cards, letterhead, posters, etc. You could also send out
recurring newsletters to clients through the mail letting them know about new content on the
company's website.
• Know about social media sites - Sites built around user interaction and sharing have made
it easier to match interested groups of people up with relevant content.
• attempting to promote each new, small piece of content you create; go for big,
interesting items
• involving your site in schemes where your content is artificially promoted to the
top of these services
• Add your business to Google's Local Business Center - If you run a local business,
adding its information to Google's Local Business Center will help you reach customers on
Google Maps and web search. The Webmaster Help Center has more tips on promoting
your local business.
• Reach out to those in your site's related community - Chances are, there are a number
of sites that cover topic areas similar to yours. Opening up communication with these sites is
usually beneficial. Hot topics in your niche or community could spark additional ideas for
content or building a good community resource.
• spamming link requests out to all sites related to your topic area
• purchasing links from another site with the aim of getting PageRank instead of

Seo Help Make effective use of robots.txt

Seo Help Make effective use of robots.txt

A "robots.txt" file tells search engines whether they can access and therefore crawl parts of your site.
This file, which must be named "robots.txt", is placed in the root directory of your site.
The address of our robots.txt file
All compliant search engine bots (denoted by the wildcard * symbol) shouldn't access and
crawl the content under /images/ or any URL whose path begins with /search
You may not want certain pages of your site crawled because they might not be useful to users if
found in a search engine's search results. If you do want to prevent search engines from crawling
your pages, Google Webmaster Tools has a friendly robots.txt generator to help you create this file.
Note that if your site uses subdomains and you wish to have certain pages not crawled on a particular
subdomain, you'll have to create a separate robots.txt file for that subdomain. For more information
on robots.txt, we suggest this Webmaster Help Center guide on using robots.txt files.
There are a handful of other ways to prevent content appearing in search results, such as adding
"NOINDEX" to your robots meta tag, using .htaccess to password protect directories, and using
Google Webmaster Tools to remove content that has already been crawled. Google engineer Matt
Cutts walks through the caveats of each URL blocking method in a helpful video.

Use more secure methods for sensitive content - You shouldn't feel comfortable using
robots.txt to block sensitive or confidential material. One reason is that search engines could
still reference the URLs you block (showing just the URL, no title or snippet) if there happen
to be links to those URLs somewhere on the Internet (like referrer logs). Also, non-compliant
or rogue search engines that don't acknowledge the Robots Exclusion Standard could
disobey the instructions of your robots.txt. Finally, a curious user could examine the
directories or subdirectories in your robots.txt file and guess the URL of the content that you
don't want seen. Encrypting the content or password-protecting it with .htaccess are more
secure alternatives.
• allowing search result-like pages to be crawled (users dislike leaving one
search result page and landing on another search result page that doesn't add
significant value for them)
• allowing a large number of auto-generated pages with the same or only slightly
different content to be crawled: "Should these 100,000 near-duplicate pages
really be in a search engine's index?"
• allowing URLs created as a result of proxy services to be crawled

Seo Help Optimize your images Of Website

Seo Help Optimize your images Of Website

Images may seem like a straightforward component of your site, but you can optimize your use of
them. All images can have a distinct filename and "alt" attribute, both of which you should take
advantage of.
The "alt" attribute allows you to specify alternative text for the image if it cannot be displayed for some
Our alt text here is a brief but accurate description of the image
Why use this attribute? If a user is viewing your site on a browser that doesn't support images, or is
using alternative technologies, such as a screen reader, the contents of the alt attribute provide
information about the picture.
Another reason is that if you're using an image as a link, the alt text for that image will be treated
similarly to the anchor text of a text link. However, we don't recommend using too many images for
links in your site's navigation when text links could serve the same purpose. Lastly, optimizing your
image filenames and alt text makes it easier for image search projects like Google Image Search to
better understand your images.

• Use brief, but descriptive filenames and alt text - Like many of the other parts of the page
targeted for optimization, filenames and alt text (for ASCII languages) are best when they're
short, but descriptive.
• using generic filenames like "image1.jpg", "pic.gif", "1.jpg" when possible
(some sites with thousands of images might consider automating the naming of
• writing extremely lengthy filenames
• stuffing keywords into alt text or copying and pasting entire sentences
• Supply alt text when using images as links - If you do decide to use an image as a link,
filling out its alt text helps Google understand more about the page you're linking to. Imagine
that you're writing anchor text for a text link.
• writing excessively long alt text that would be considered spammy
• using only image links for your site's navigation
• Store images in a directory of their own - Instead of having image files spread out in
numerous directories and subdirectories across your domain, consider consolidating your
images into a single directory (e.g. brandonsbaseballcards.com/images/). This simplifies the
path to your images.

Seo Help Make your site easier to navigate

Seo Help Make your site easier to navigate

The navigation of a website is important in helping visitors quickly find the content they want. It can
also help search engines understand what content the webmaster thinks is important. Although
Google's search results are provided at a page level, Google also likes to have a sense of what role a
page plays in the bigger picture of the site.
All sites have a home or "root" page, which is usually the most frequented page on the site and the
starting place of navigation for many visitors. Unless your site has only a handful of pages, you should
think about how visitors will go from a general page (your root page) to a page containing more
specific content. Do you have enough pages around a specific topic area that it would make sense to
create a page describing these related pages (e.g. root page -> related topic listing -> specific topic)?
Do you have hundreds of different products that need to be classified under multiple category and
subcategory pages?

A sitemap (lower-case) is a simple page on your site that displays the structure of your website, and
usually consists of a hierarchical listing of the pages on your site. Visitors may visit this page if they
are having problems finding pages on your site. While search engines will also visit this page, getting
good crawl coverage of the pages on your site, it's mainly aimed at human visitors.

Use iPhone 6 as a Modem

Use iPhone 6 as a Modem

You can use iPhone 3G or later as a modem to connect, or tether, your computer to the Internet. You can connect iPhone to your computer using the Dock Connector to USB Cable, or via Bluetooth.
In Settings, choose "General -> Network -> Internet Tethering".
Slide the Internet Tethering switch to On.
Connect iPhone to your computer:
USB: Connect your computer to iPhone, using the Dock Connector to USB Cable. In your computer’s Network services settings, choose iPhone. On a Mac, a pop-up window appears the first time you connect, saying "A new network interface has been detected". Click Network Preferences, configure the network settings for iPhone, then click Apply. On a PC, use the Network Control Panel to configure the iPhone connection.
15 / 27
Bluetooth: On iPhone, choose "Settings -> General -> Bluetooth" and turn on Bluetooth. Then refer to the documentation that came with your computer system software to pair and connect iPhone with your computer. When you’re connected, a blue band appears at the top of the screen. Tethering remains on when you connect with USB, even when you aren’t actively using the Internet connection.
Monitor your cellular data network usage: In Settings, choose "General -> Usage".

Iphone 6 Customize the iPod buttons

Iphone 6 Customize the iPod buttons

The iPod module on the iPhone starts out with buttons along the bottom for summoning four lists: Playlists, Artists, Songs, and Videos.
What about Albums, Genres and Composers?
They’re there, all right, but hidden; you have to tap "More" to see them.
But what if you use those lists more often than Artists or Songs? No problem: you can replace one of those starter buttons with a list of your own.
Tap "More", and then tap the "Edit" button (upper-left corner). You arrive at the Configure screen. Here’s the complete list of music-and-video sorting lists: Albums, Podcasts, Audiobooks, Genres, Composers, Compilations, Playlists, Artists, Songs, and Videos.
To replace one of the four starter icons, use a finger to drag an icon from the top half of the screen downward, directly onto the existing icon you want to replace. It lights up to show the success of your drag.
When you release your finger, you’ll see that the new icon has replaced the old one. Tap "Done" in the upper-right corner.

Iphone 6 Secrets of the Sensors

Iphone 6 Secrets of the Sensors

The "iPhone" has three cool secrets sensors. First, it has an accelerometer that detects when you’ve rotated the iPhone into landscape orientation. In programs like Photos, Safari, and iPod, it triggers the screen image to rotate as well.
Camouflaged behind the black glass where you can’t see them except with a bright flashlight are two more sensors: a proximity sensor that shuts off the screen illumination and touch sensitivity when the phone is against your head (it works only in the Phone application), and an ambient-light sensor that brightens the display when you’re in sunlight and dims it in darker places.
Apple says that it experimented with having the light sensor active all the time, but it was weird to have the screen get brighter and darker all the time. So the sensor now samples the ambient light, and adjusts the brightness; it does this only once-each time you unlock the phone after waking it.
You can use that tip to your advantage. By covering up the "sensor" (just above the earpiece) as you unlock the phone, you force it to a low-power, dim screen-brightness setting (because the phone believes that it’s in a dark room). Or by holding it up to a light as you wake it, you get full brightness. In both cases, you’ve saved all the taps and navigation it would have taken you to find the manual brightness slider in Settings.